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Smooth and flat surfaces that, in a building, are located some distance from the ceiling. The false ceilings create a space between its structure and the roof, which is used for the passage of the installations.

False ceilings can be manufactured with PVC, steel, aluminum, wood, plaster or other materials. The usual is that it is attached to the ceiling using metal parts. In this way, false ceilings work as a covering for the upper part of the space: house, store, (...).

In addition to the aesthetic purpose, suspended ceilings have several functions. These elements help to minimize temperature changes and isolate noise, for example. Making the environment more comfortable.

There are removable suspended ceilings that are installed dry. They are lightweight structures composed of panels or plates that allow the ceilings to be lower and serve to hide from cables to beams.

With practical installation, false ceilings are the option chosen by many for the most varied environments, not only to hide fittings and beams, but to demarcate environments, optimize lighting or even make environments more intimate and pleasant.

False ceilings
False ceilings
False ceilings
False ceilings
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