Partitions Services

Space division systems formed by a metallic structure of horizontal channels fixed to the upper slab and to the ground, and vertical uprights embedded in the channels. To this structure, one or more laminated plasterboard plates are screwed to each side, the quantity, thickness and typology of which will depend on the technical needs of the wall itself.

They are used as a system for dividing indoor spaces. They cannot act as supporting walls, but they provide a solution to all the requirements demanded by the Regulation: fire protection, sound insulation, robustness, impact resistance and quality of finishes.

Its purpose is to separate work environments in one space, be it, company, home, (...).

The partitions are functional and decorative, combining functionality with beauty and modernity.

The partitions are substitutes for the walls, that is, instead of changing the structure of the work environment, it is possible to use them to divide spaces, optimizing and allowing versatility in your home or work.
Sometimes we don't need more space, but to optimize the space we already have.


Types of Partitions:

  • Plasterboard:

- Mixed plasterboard with glazing

- Mixed plasterboard with blinds between glass

- Mixed plasterboard with glass bricks


  • In phenolic compact.

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